Information about the corona virus

Since the corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak in China in December 2019 there have been daily developments concerning the virus and what this means for you as a citizen of the Netherlands. We would like to inform you about the current situation.

Municipality of Brunssum limits service hours

Emergency childcare

Do you need help? Would you like to help others?

Dutch measures against the corona virus


Information for entrepeneurs




Municipality of Brunssum limits service hours 

The opening hours of the municipality building are limited in the upcoming weeks. This is a consequence of the measures taken by the government on March 12 to limit the spreading of the corona virus. By limiting the hours that the building is open to the public the Municipality of Brunssum aims to limit physical contact and by doing so protecting the health of visitors and employees.

City hall will therefore be open, until April 6th, daily from 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 pm, only for declaration of birth or death and for collection of previously requested travel documents or driver's licenses.

The healthcare counter (for WMO and youth help) is also open daily from 10 -12h.

The evening openings hours on Thursday (17:00 - 19:00h) will be cancelled until further notice.

Only by appointment

For other (urgent) products and services (e.g. passports, driver's licenses and permit requests) admittance to the building is only possible after making an appointment by telephone.

Advice to our citizens is to limit or postpone visits to city hall as much as possible, until April 6 2020. A large number of products are available for online request. See our website for more information.

The municipality is available by telephone from 9:00 a.m. until 17:00 p.m. from Monday-Thursday and from 9:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. on Friday via (045) 527 85 55.


Marriages at the municipality are only possible under strict conditions, in small groups of people. This means the couple, public civil servant, two witnesses and a limited interested party.

In order to limit the virus from spreading, there must always be a distance of 1,5 meters between the people attending the ceremony. This also means that the maximum number of people present depends on the room where the ceremony will take place.

Council meetings

The city council meetings of the Municipality have been cancelled until further notice. 

All events and gatherings by the municipality of Brunssum until April 6 2020 have been cancelled.

Public space

Due to a more limited use of our human resources there will be less maintenance to our public space (green and roads). This may mean that trash bins will be emptied less frequently and roads will be swept less often. 

The 'Betere Buren'  service point will be closed until April 6. For more information, call: 045 727 12 50.


The municipal social services ISD BOL will not hold office hours until April 6. The counter will be closed. During this time, the service will only be reachable by telephone or through their digital channels.




Emergency childcare 

As of Monday March 16 2020 all schools and childcare centers are closed as a measure against the spreading of the corona virus. An exception has been made for children of parents in crucial sectors. They are welcome at the emergency childcare centers. 

The list of crucial sectors can be found here.

In Brunssum the emergency childcare is offered by the childcare institutions Humandkind and Kinderopvang Parkstad, toddler centers of the CMWW and the preschools of Brunssum.

Contact the childcare center

Parents who have had childcare arranged for their child(ren) before March 16 2020, they can contact the institutions with questions. 

Contact the Municipality

Parents who have no arranged childcare at this moment, but are in need of childcare because of the measures against the coronavirus. They can contact the municipality of Brunssum.

Parents can also contact the municipality of Brunssum for: 

  • Questions concerning the arrangement of childcare for you child(ren) if the parents are not able to arrange the chilcare.
  • Questions about childcare that is not offered regularly, such as nights or weekends.
  • Questions about pupil transport and the corona virus.
  • Questions about chilcare for children with special needs.
  • Questions about emergency childcare for a child whose parents are not employed in the crucial sectors.

The municipality of Brunssum can be reached via 045 527 85 55.

More (national) information about emergency childcare can be found here.



Do you need help? Would you like to help others?

Some people are in extra need due to the measures against the corona virus. Other people are waiting to help others.

The center of Social Work and welfare (CMWW) bring together supply and demand of people who can help each other.

For more information go the the special CMWW platform (in Dutch)


Dutch measures against the corona virus 

On March 23rd the Dutch government introduced additional measures against the corona virus, you can find the measures on their website.

On March 15th the Dutch government introduced measures against the corona virus, you can find the measures on their website.



Information for entrepeneurs

Closing of food service industry (15 March 2020)

Due to the efforts to confine the infections with the corona virus the Dutch government announced a number of measures on March 15 2020 for the food service industry.

More information about the March 15 measures can be found here.

Supportive measures for entrepeneurs (17 March 2020)

The Dutch government has taken a number of economic measures concerning the corona virus on Tuesday March 17.

The measures are there to ensure that organizations will continue being able to pay their staff, offer help to the self-employed and flexible tax regulations, compensations and extra credit possibilities for companies in need.

More information can be found here.

Expansion of provisioning windows (18 March 2020)

The Municipality of Brunssum has decided to expand the provisioning windows of supermarkets in Brunssum. Until April 6th provisioning is allowed 24 /7.

More information for entrepeneurs

There are a number of organizations and websites that can help if you have any further questions. 

- Chamber of Commerce (in Dutch)

- Dutch government 

- Chamber of Commerce guidelines for entrepeneurs (in Dutch)

For urgent questions, contact the municipality of Brunssum via: